Slap Cup

You'll Need:
-- 6+ players
-- 2 Pingpong Balls
-- 27 solo cups.
-- A table
-- Mad beers


1. Put the 27 cups the middle of the table. You can arrange them as you see fit, but they should all be closely clustered together and not spread out. There should be room in front of everyone playing also. Each cup should be filled with 1/3 of the way of beer. (You know, like every other cup based drinking game ever)

2. Two players across from each other grab a cup of beer and a ping pong ball. They chug the beer in the cup, and then try to bounce the ball into the cup they just drained.

3. Two things can happen here:
a) If it takes you more than one shot to get the ball into the cup, you pass the cup to the person to your LEFT.
b) If you bounce the ball into the cup the FIRST TRY, you can pass the cup to any person in the circle. (Hint: You want to try pass it to the person behind the person still shooting.)

4. When two people are trying to bounce the ball into the cup, and no one is in between them, things get real. If you get the ball into the cup BEFORE the person to your left (who is also bouncing), SLAP THEIR CUP OFF THE TABLE. You then pass the cup and the ball to the next person to the left.

5. If you just got your cup slapped, grab a cup of beer from the middle, keep your ping pong ball, chug your beer and start bouncing again.

Got it? Get ready to never want to play flip cup again.

Other variations include: Putting a full cup of beer in the center of cluster of cups, so it is the 'last cup' and whoever loses must drink it.


  1. Fun variation, which also doesn't create as much of a mess if that's an issue:
    When you would slap someone's cup, instead, just pass over them. They drink as per usual, and drop it into their cup when they finish drinking, and keep shooting. This ends up with amusingly large stacks of cups to shoot into.

  2. Additionally, if you accidentally bounce it into one of the cups in the middle, you must discard your current cup, drink the contents of the cup the ball landed in, and then it becomes your new cup.

  3. We play 'rage cage' which is exactly the same, but instead of slapping the cup, you stack your cup in their's. That's fun because on stack of cups gets really tall and the game continues to be more difficult

  4. More cups, less beer per cup, 3 balls. Not recommended for first timers.

  5. So I was mixing it up last night and when i made my first shot i would pass the ball to the person to left of the person with the ball. this could result in a person getting their cup slapped without ever getting a chance to bounce their ball. Any opinions on if this is legit?

    1. in my house we call this the "viper"

    2. I call it "setting a trap"

  6. ^Definitely legit